Are you struggling to learn Spoken Skills as a beginner? This Blog will help you to understand how to improve spoken skills in English?

 It is a common believes of a few individuals that learning English Grammar is the utmost practice to get control over spoken-English Skills. But we need to follow a few easy basic principles that would help you to speak fluently

Don’t get surprised by these fancy words. You just read the entire script and implement the steps one by one in your practice session. You might face challenges at the primary level, but gradually you could observe remarkable improvement in language learning skills. 

Make a habit of Speaking.

At first, you need to grow a habit of using the English language in speaking. You don’t try to focus on grammar at the primary stage while conveying the ideas to your listeners. 

Using the English language should be your initial attention while addressing others. If you live in English speaking community, then it will be an opportunity to practice with them. If you don’t have a partner, then you should practice speaking yourself at home.

Replicate on your conversations.

 Spend time to recall the earlier conversation and try to find out the struggling areas around the speaking. 

For instance: finding difficulty in getting appropriate words, feeling nervous, hesitation to express ideas, repeating words, unable to respond quickly, encountered with unknown words. 

This practice would help you to build confidence and the ability to understand mistakes during conversations. 

Read and Listen to famous Speakers.

Listening gives a constructive approach to make you resourceful. You need appropriate words while talking, need not you?

 We must realize that we practised memorizing new words in childhood, but we need to change the technique for acquiring words. 

We have to watch English movies, listen to English songs, English news channels, podcasts, good English speakers. Along with that, we have to read English storybooks, novels, magazines.

You will come across new words during the reading practice and phrases that should utilize in daily conversations.

Prepare a list of Possible words before you talk.

Prepare a list of Possible words before you talk.

You get nervous and tense around the conversation due to a lack of words. 

So, while going to visit a doctor, lawyer, or attain a meeting. You do a simple practice, make a list of possible vocabulary and phrases, and use these during the discussion.

 It would reflect an enormous improvement and encourage you to speak confidently.

Start Speaking over Telephone.

Start Speaking over Telephone.

Numerous people face challenges to speak over the phone because they can’t see facial expressions and mouth movements, which are the tools for conversation.

 However, it is essential to get control over telephonic talk. So, we start engaging ourselves talking over the telephone with near once then gradually involve with making appointments and inquiries. 

Record your Speech and Listen carefully.

Listening to yourself is an essential tool to rectify mistakes. Most people dislike listening to their voices. But this method would help you understanding your habitual mistakes, toning quality, voice modulation, a habit of swallowing words during conversations. 

On the other hand, you would be amazed that you spoke far better than you thought. You could also share your recording with your teacher, who can guide you in a better way.

Focus on Learning Phrases rather than Words.

It would be better to practice if you can start learning phrases rather than words and using them in daily conversations. For instance: instead of saying, “Hello, How are you?” You can say, “Hi, what’s up!”.

Use technology for better improvement.

Technology plays a vital role in learning spoken English. You could get a variety of tips and tricks on how to improve communication skills online. For instance, you can get the idea of how to pronounce words in Google, voice modulation, gestures, and postures, videos of famous public figures.

 Look at yourself in Mirror while Speaking.

Look at yourself in Mirror while Speaking.

Do you like to observe how you look while addressing a group of people, then you should practice speaking in front of the mirror. It would make you confident not only that you will learn about your artificial attitude while talking.

Use Dictionary for Pronunciation.

Use Dictionary for Pronunciation.

Most people believe that the dictionary is used only for searching meanings, but on the other hand, we can learn new words and pronunciation.


At last, I would like to say that if you are willing to speak fluently like a professional, then you need to follow the above instructions carefully and regularly. It is obvious that if you could make a plan and start practicing regularly, then becoming an expert in English speaking would not be a difficult task for you and you could find lots of improvements within a month. 

Share your view and thought via our comment section and your experience and difficulties during the journey.

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  1. This all ideas are known to all.but we hesitate to practice it. Therefore if you suggest how can we practice or with whom. Than it will help many people.I hope next time you will give us a new idea…

  2. Trideep da it would definitely help us if you could do a video session with it..the blogs are quite informative and useful too ..

  3. Please sir, I request you to make your own learning app. So that we can directly consult you on Live Class.

  4. All the tips are very helpful to improve our spoken English.

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