Do you struggle with how to speak English fluently after learning this language? Do you want to use this
language faster and easy ways while talking?



Here are some tips that will help you speak English more fluently than ever.

English Communication obstacles.

English Communication obstacles.
Let’s begin by looking into a brief outlook on the problem of English communication


A. You are unable to express yourself clearly to the audience because your spoken English is not updated.

B. The listener does not understand you accurately.

C. The message is not clear enough to understand the topic.

D. The listener is not paying attention to you or losing confidence in you.

Have you encountered the mentioned challenges ever while talking? You need to understand that
communication with clarity is an art that should conquer it.

You don’t consider that your knowledge of English is limited, even though efficient English speakers face the same difficulties.

3 Golden Rules of Communication

3 Golden Rules of Communication

Let me tell you the Golden rules of communication that you need to concentrate on while addressing others if you want to speak English fluently.

 Speak what you anticipate

While talking, you need to confirm whether your notes can create any value for the listeners. You ask questions to them at regular intervals and try to make sure about your ideas.

 Ask questions to verify if they understand

While talking, you need to confirm whether your notes can create any value for the listeners. You ask questions to them at regular intervals and try to make sure about your ideas.

 Listen attentively

Listening is one of the best practices while uttering. If you don’t focus on others’ speeches, you can’t respond to them well. So, first, you listen to your audience and then shift your ideas to them.

5 Essential Tips for speak-English-fluently and Clearly

5 Essential Tips for speak-English-fluently and Clearly

Now, we will focus on how to bring clarity to our communication which is our ultimate goal.

Speak in your Flow

Are you confused about the phrase ” keep talking”? Most of you are thinking, about what to talk about, not getting proper expression while talking, unable to produce an idea, where to start, and feeling shy to use the English language. All these are common challenges for every beginner.

During the conversation, you need to use filler phrases, and it helps you make comfortable situations giving you some time to think about appropriate words.

However, you use these phrases as a pinch of sault in talking. Some filler phrases are:

  • you know
  • you know what I mean
  • To level with you ( to be honest)
  • Actually
  • What I mean to say
  • Let me think about it

 Bring a good Speaking Rhythm while Talking

Whenever you deliver your opinions, follow a rhythmic style in tone, it brings clarity and makes you an impressive speaker.

Sometimes, you could find a few of your friends who speak too fast or slow. You try speaking at a moderate speed that admitted of all.

A few beginners keep the wrong notion that a speed speaking style would make a better impression on the listeners. But this style would engulf words while talking, which means all the words are not well pronounced.

You always keep in mind that intonation would also help you improve the tone quality of speaking.

 Make sure your Ideas are Clear to Everyone

As a speaker, follow some basic techniques that will be helpful for your effective communication.

You don’t assume that the whole conversation is clear to the audience, get a grip over the public, and try to ask questions simultaneously. If it is not clear to them so need to clarify it again.

Keep some phrases ready with you to ask questions to the audience.

For instance:

  •  I want to make sure you got that
  • I hope you are getting my point
  • I am not sure if I said that right
  • I would like to be sure: that I am expressing myself clearly
  • I hope we are on the same page
  • if anything is unclear, ask me

Ask Doubt clarifying Questions Frequently

Ask Doubt clarifying Questions Frequently


While attending to someone, you need to clarify your doubt about the discussion ideas.


You don’t run behind any partial pieces of information that would never complete your communication cycle, and try to avoid misunderstanding. You make ready with handy phrases for asking questions like:

I am afraid; I didn’t get that

would you mind saying that again

could you help me understand that better

I am sorry I must ask to repeat (means- could you please repeat the concept)

Sorry I missed you (compromises- I didn’t understand you)

Be careful about body language

Be careful about body language


Sometimes your body language can speak better than your words, so be careful about your right gestures. Be cautious about your hand and finger movements while addressing other people because inappropriate gestures can negatively affect the audience.


You should not follow a baby pivot gesture while talking. You keep your face towards the person you are talking to, which indicates that you are showing importance to that person.

Making yourself engage while talking, you try to keep eye contact, but it should not be intense.

It would help if you avoided fidgeting, showing nervousness, and intending to go somewhere or being tense.

You don’t cross your arms and legs while talking, which shows you are not open to discussion and are defensive, and don’t point your shoe sole towards the addressing person.

Last but not least, always try to keep a comfortable distance from your speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I speak English fluently?

There are various ways that make your understand how to speak English fluently?

  • Don’t read word by word.
  • Listen to fluent English speakers on a different platform.
  • Interact with native speakers, help you sound natural.
  • Practice regularly on writing improvement.
  • Don’t much bother about grammar learning.
  • Improve your skills by listening to recordings.
  • Write new words and use them in your daily conversations.
  • Focus on pronunciation.
  • Be careful about your frequent mistakes.
  • You can also listen to recordings.

How to speak English very fluently?

  • Practice makes you perfect, so start practicing regularly.
  • You try to use the online platform.
  • Make handy phrases ready on your head.
  • Use simple sentences in the initial stages.
  • Don’t lose the speaking opportunity.
  • Focus on specific content.

Can I learn English by myself?

Yes, you can; you need to study constantly on English learning. I would suggest one powerful tool: language learning apps, which would help you a lot. You try to spend time with books to improve your reading skills.

Why can’t I speak English fluently?

Most language learning students feel scared to speak because they are bothered about grammar while talking, lack self-confidence, shyness, unable to produce ideas properly.

You always think that you will sound awkward and your friends will make fun with you.

How can I think in English?

Most of us learn English by doing translation, translating everything into English. But we need to change the technique, remember, to learn a foreign language you need to think like them.

You start thinking about English, whatever you see surrounding yourself, and start talking in English about it with yourself. First few days, you would struggle, but gradually you would habituate to it.


I believe you would utilize my given ideas in fruitful ways in your regular communications that bring lots of clarity, and you could find yourself on a better platform.

Share your view and thoughts via the comment section and your experience and difficulties during the journey.

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  1. Being a part of IT Industry for almost 12 years I can understand the value of this vital language.
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    1. Thank you, Prosenjit, your comment makes me understand that both of us are on the same page. I am trying my way to make my students knowledgeable and provide a better platform.

      1. Yah Tridip one more point I would like to add here, I believe you can only speak well when your listening skills are @the mark right. I have seen people r lacking in this point. Mostly I see people struggle a lot while on-site client meeting/calls.
        I want you to share your thought on this & shed some light like how to improve listening skills mostly when some one is talking in a different accent.

  2. I think this will be very informative & helpful to us. Thank u for giving us this opportunity to improve ourselves through this language & make us more confident.

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