Do your kid struggle with reading in English? How improve Reading Skills in English is one of the biggest challenges for school-going students. 

However, it is not a difficult task to overcome this problem. Here are the ten best ways that would be helpful for this language learning.

It is very essential for each kid should able to read well and understand the concept of the text else they would lose interest in learning a language.

If a kid is unknown about the essence of the beauty of a language then it will be challenging for us to get engage a kid in learning a language.

At fast we need to understand why should we work on it and what are the benefits.

Benefits of Reading Habit

  • Build your vocabulary
  • Learn words in chunks
  • Words express tone and feeling

Once we start to invest time to read books, we could improve our vocabulary. Vocabulary is necessary to construct our ideas while speaking and writing. Reading books is one of the best ways to improve vocabulary.

Reading can help you to learn new words, and understand the author’s feelings, emotions, and methods of using the same word in various directions.

Rules and Tips for Reading Skills in English


Now let me tell you the techniques! How to work on improving reading skills. However, you should remember that you are learning to deal with the language learning methods, so you should keep patience in your reading journey.

Read Slowly and Loudly

The first and foremost idea is we should read slowly and loudly. It would be helpful for us to understand the concept and the pronunciation. If we are stuck somewhere while reading, try to read again without considering the word unknown to us.

Underline the new words

While reading, we will come up with lots of new words that we should underline.

Focus on the pronunciation

Pronunciation is one of the basic features of improving reading skills as well as writing skills too. If the reader is confused about the accurate pronunciation of a particular word, then I would suggest you focus on the digital dictionary or search on google.

Note the underlined words.

Underlined words should be noted down in a diary and find out the meaning from the dictionary and use these new words in your daily use conversations. It would be the best way to familiarize yourself with the new words.

Read more books 

If you are determined to improve your reading skills in English, I would suggest you spend more time with books or newspapers. It would be a challenging task at the initial level, but you can make this habit of reading within a few days of practice.

Choose book carefully

We must be careful while selecting the book for reading because the book provides numerous information. If we lose interest after reading a few passages then the possibility of improving our reading skills in English is very remote.

Don’t get stuck with a single Idea.

Don’t be stuck with the meaning of the content. You read the passage and try to understand the concept. At first, you can understand only the concept of the story, so you need to read the same topic number of times.

Enjoy reading

The reader should enjoy the text wholeheartedly, either it would be a monotonous activity.

Test yourself

Once you finish reading, you should test yourself to understand your level of preparation. You could frame a few questions and try to answer these. If you face challenges to answer, then I would suggest you spend time on the topic again.


I hope the information that I have shared with you is informative and effective. All the techniques are very easy to apply while reading.

If you want to include your opinion about the improvement of Reading Skills in English then use the comment section below.

Thanks for reading till the end.

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  1. First of all thank you so much sir bcz you’ve shown us such a way to study and & what’s the importance of time⌚ in our life nd the value of study 📚✏

  2. Valuable tips for the children to improve reading skill.

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