In the present situation, keeping the kids inside the house without any activity is highly challenging to the parents. But we are forced to isolate the younger one in the day long. 

The COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on various industries, including education. As schools choose online courses and reduce every child’s leisure activities with their friends, and even limit your child’s ability to play outdoors. There are a handful of Indoor Activity for Kids to teach them along the way.

Being a parent, we need to find out some beneficial activity that would be engaging and entertaining for the younger member of our family. 

I have come up with ten valuable practices that would support you in taking the decision. I believe my script would provide you with a piece of information, able to reach your expectation. 

10 best Indoor Activity for Kids

Teach Basic Yoga to your Kids.

Teach Basic Yoga to your Kids.

Train together to stay active indoors. Short sprints down the aisles and fun workouts are a great way to release energy. 

Parents can have children help and participate in their daily training or develop simple exercises they can do together. Jumping rope, outdoor running, and simple stretching are easy indoor activities. 

Kids can enjoy yoga practices in a day that strengthening the core muscles is vital to their development. 

Train your Child About First Aid

Train your Child About First Aid

First aid is a skill for children to learn. It has become essential to teach children how to use first aid. Kids tend to fall and jump as it’s time to grow up. However, you can’t always hurry to help them, can you? 

Teaching them how to use a first aid box would make them independent in times of need. Teaching children how to use the first aid box would help them deal with cuts, scratches, injuries, bruises, or even insect bites, any medical scenario without the emergency need. 

Teach them when to wash wounds, use an antiseptic to apply adhesive tape. Such practice would also grow interested in them about this field. 

Encourage the kids to play an instrument.

Encourage the kids to play an instrument.

Playing an instrument improves a child’s concentration span, and it is one of the fun activities engaging youngsters longer time at home environment.

 This activity would include improving memory power, control over motor skills, reading, understanding, sense of rhythm, able to connect with imagination.

 It also improves posture and results in good physical activity that uses hands and legs alike. It would also help them to express themselves better about people. 

Teach Your Child Indoor Gardening.

Teach Your Child Indoor Gardening.

Gardening can help your children learn about natural vegetation. If you and the kids need to be inside for a while and can’t go out and enjoy nature, consider creating an indoor garden. 

If you’re facing challenges where to start, many YouTube channels describe this process in detail and even give you advice on the easiest things to grow. 

At the initial stages, you can start with some flower plants later turn to vegetables such as salad, avocados, green onions, carrot vegetables, green peppers, or celery. 

Help Your Child to Improve Communication Skills.

Help Your Child to Improve Communication Skills.

Children start learning this important skill from day one, but there are plenty of opportunities for all of us in this field. Teaching them to read and learn about language would reflect tremendously beneficial later in life. 

You would not face many challenges to progress. If you take time to talk to your child regularly and listen to him, you will achieve incredible results in their communication. Help your kids how to speak more fluently in English.

Children learn from interaction with adults. You can help them learn a new language by using language learning apps.

Teach them How to read a map.

You can bring into practice map reading. Basic theory can teach at home. Children can learn it by playing games finding some important places using the basics tricks.

 It is essential in the days of Navi and Google Maps, so do not get away from it. All the family members together can do the exercise at regular intervals.

Teach your kids to read books.

Teach your kids to read books.

Whether your little one is good at reading or struggling, reading is a method to connect with imagination and help them develop their vocabulary

When a younger one reads with you, they can give a different perspective on a story they’ve read before, and you’ll enjoy the time embraced together. 

Motivate them to Draw Painting. 

Motivate them to Draw Painting.

Drawing is a skill that few people are born with, and it would help your kids become Creative. Encourage youngsters to invest their leisure time in painting or some craftwork that increases their imagination. 

Allow them to reflect ideas on the blank pages, sit all together and spend some ideal time. You would be surprised to see the creative vision on the piece of paper from your child’s brain. 

Implement basic scientific operations at home.

 Many children consider science is one of the complex topics. But doing some fundamental science researches at home would motivate them to translate scientific ideas and methods into real life. 

If your kids already love science, they’re happy to try fun projects that can include various basic experiments like learning reflection, doing density experiments, etc.

Focus on cursive or calligraphy

Calligraphy or cursive writing is an artistic style related to writing, and this may be an unfamiliar concept to your children. 

In the contemporary era of texting and computers, very few people pay attention to it, but you can teach your children to appreciate both italics and calligraphy. 

Encourage your younger children and provide them enough space to enjoy forming the different letters. You can search for online calligraphy courses that would offer you endless ideas.


I believe the information about the Indoor Activity for Kids that I have shared in this script would help you keep your kids engage during the lockdown. Each of the activities is education-based that can implement in the different age groups of the youngsters. 

Share your point of view and the journey using the above guides in the comment section.

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  3. I think these 10 activities will surely help every child to stay fit and happy mentally and physically. Keep it up Bhai.

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