Best English learning youtube channels 2021

In modern times, YouTube is one of the most entertaining platforms to spend our leisure time, but it has beneficial sides that can utilize fruitfully. 

I hope we are on the same page that it is always more enjoyable to learn English with video lessons than the textbooks.

 There are many free informative videos on Youtube that you can use to learn English vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and daily conversation. 

I want to share with you the best English learning YouTube channels to learn English effectively. These channels include Indian and Foreign English training courses. 

These channels have reached millions of English learners’ expectations around the world. I believe that this blog would appropriately guide you to decide on the best youtube channels. 

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English learning youtube channels

English learning youtube channels

English Addict

About Youtuber: All his videos are free to view, as they always have been for the past 14 years! Yes, he has been doing this for over 14 years.-Joined Oct 31, 2006

Total Subscribers: 933K 

Total videos: 996

Channel Link:

Easy English

About Youtuber: ‘Easy English’ is a project that will help you learn English in an authentic and fun way. Our team currently consists of Mitch and Isi. They interview people in the streets of Brighton and other cities of England and produce videos for beginners from our homes. All the videos have subtitles in English. The channel ‘Easy English’ is a part of the global project of English Languages. This channel starts its journey from July 2020, and you will find new English videos on this channel every other week, so feel free to subscribe!

Total Subscribers: 33.6K 

Total videos: 38

Channel Link:

BBC Learning English

About Youtuber: Learn how to speak English with the BBC. Every day they have a new video to help you learn the English language. They also produce regular ‘extra’ videos across the week, so come back every day to see what’s new.

Total Subscribers: 3.55M 

Total videos: 2552

Channel Link:


About Youtuber: If you want to learn a foreign accent with Jennifer, welcome to her channel. She uniquely designs her channel for all the level of learners. You can become a member of her channel just by spending 1$/month to do regular English practice with her.

Total Subscribers: 959K 

Total videos: 760

Channel Link:

Learn English with

About Youtuber: Learn English with – The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Fun Way to Learn English Start speaking English in minutes with Audio and Video lessons. is an online English language learning website. With them, you’ll learn how to speak, read, and write English.

Total Subscribers: 5.56M 

Total videos: 1510

Channel Link:

English with Kim

 About Youtuber: Do you want to communicate clearly and confidently in American English? You’ll learn in her videos how to use your voice more effectively through pitch, intonation, word and sentence stress, and thought groups. You’ll also work on communication skills so you can feel more confident in conversations in English.

Total Subscribers: 35K 

Total videos: 103

Channel Link:

Helena Daily English

About Youtuber: The channel ‘Helena Daily English’ is another platform to build your confidence in the English language with Helena. In all her videos, she focuses on a simple method to make her lesson effective to the listeners. 

Total Subscribers: 377K 

Total videos: 109

Channel Link:


About Youtuber:  The channel ‘mmmEnglish’ is to help students around the world build the confidence they need to speak English with ease. She has over 200 English lessons that will help you building vocabulary, develop natural pronunciation, increase grammar accuracy, practice functional language skills and reach conversation fluency.

Total Subscribers: 4.1M

Total videos: 233

Channel Link:

Pronunciation with Emma

About Youtuber: She teaches with just one of the many accents in the world. Learn only when you like it and if you are interested in learning it. She does not think there is an accent or pronunciation. She strongly encourages EFL/ESL students to expose themselves to so many types of English around the world to get used to the beautiful variations of this world language.

Total Subscribers: 178K

Total videos: 183

Channel Link:

ChetChat with Chetana

About Youtuber: A focused platform in the education and career space for study tips, learning English, scholarships, study abroad, education, and career advice. Every video expresses a unique lesson for all the levels of English language learners. 

Total Subscribers: 2.84M

Total videos: 200

Channel Link:

Learnex – English lessons through Hindi

About Youtuber: Speaking English is a challenge, especially when it’s not your mother tongue. If you speak and understand Hindi, the Learnex lesson (English to Hindi) will help you speak English faster. Every English class planned to understand the difficulties that no native English speaker faces. Your goal is to speak English fluently and confidently, and this channel touched all the essential topics.

Total Subscribers: 4.16M

Total videos: 757

Channel Link:

Spoken English Guru

About Youtuber: Aditya Rana is the founder of the ‘Spoken English Guru’ channel on youtube. He has successfully reached millions of people with his English learning approach. His way of teaching English is unique, especially for Hindi-speaking students.

Total Subscribers: 5.87M

Total videos: 200

Channel Link:

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I hope the information that I have shared in the script about the English learning youtube channels would help you learn the English Language in a better way. All the YouTubers are well-learned people, and all the videos are designed well for the learners.

Thanks for reading till end.

Share your point of view in the comment section and express your challenges during your learning.

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